No last-minute surprises when it’s time to close

As progress is made in a deal or customer relationship, ARPEDIO’s recommendations shift to tactics that most often result in successful outcomes. Use ARPEDIO Matrix to track your stakeholders and avoid last minute surprises. 

Produce forecasts with confidence and credibility

All of your opportunities are scored according to real progress made so you can replace “gut-feel” with objectivity to drive forecast accuracy higher. The deal and customer heatmap report is available inside your CRM system.

Half the time and half the cost of alternatives

Most ARPEDIO projects come in well under the cost of other sales enablement alternatives. So your investment will produce superior returns in addition to impressive results. Get more out of your CRM system.


- Identify the "Red Flags" quickly and act!


Stakeholder Management in ARPEDIO


List and Analyze Stakeholders

Pick and add contacts directly from you contacts list in The coloring quickly helps you identify where to focus.


Actionable Intelligence

Quickly identify potential red flags and problem stakeholders. This intelligence creates a need to take action. 


Your Terms - Your Language

ARPEDIO allows you to use the terms and descriptions you already use. We are not forcing you to adapt a 30-year old methodology and renaming all of your existing processes.

We work with great companies


The ARPEDIO Stakeholder Map helps our sales professionals explore and manage stakeholder relationships that are proven to have the biggest impact on the timing and size of our deals. 

The Solution was uber simple to configure and implement allowing us to positively impact the same quarter's pipeline and deal execution.


Christian Hjort, VP Sales

It's been a great experience so far for WBM – just to see the sales methodology that we've developed over ten years of work, now turning into a structured, repeatable, and scalable methodology for our next wave of growth.

Brett Bailey, Vice President

ARPEDIO has been instrumental in driving a consistent sales methodology across previously silo'd sales regions. My management team now has a consistent way to measure true deal progress and ensure that our sales professionals are spending resources on the right deals.

We've deployed their apps for new opportuntiy management, existing account management, and stakeholder management


Tim Babcock, VP Sales

The tools from ARPEDIO are simple to use and provides us with a lot of actionable intelligence. 

Pipeline and forecast management directly in our instance. No more spreadsheets - and we are normally very fond of spreadsheets at Deloitte


Anders Pedersen, Director Clients & Markets

The ARPEDIO sales and implementation teams have been easy to work with. They understand our business issues and the problems we are trying to solve.

They are responsive, flexible and detail oriented. Our implementation completed on time and in budget.

I would recommend this product to anyone working in a complex sale environment.


Beth Seaton, Director of Sales Operations

ARPEDIO has been a great partner through PGI's sales transformation. The management team really understands the difference between sales training and the required operational execution that their applications provide.

Katie Sutton, Sr. Director Sales Ops

ARPEDIO and Delivering Value helped us implement a more disciplined sales approach and then coupled that with a very objective performance management and forecasting framework.

That means we can both manage sales more effectively and provide forecasts that are more fact than fiction.

I can't say enough about the positive impact this has had on our business.


Michael Hemlepp, CEO