We wish to establish and develop an exemplary company

which delivers solutions that support individuals as well as the

companies they work for, in delivering unprecedented business results.


- Thomas Bulow, Co-founder




Thomas Bülow, Executive Board Member & Co-founder: Sales Executive with 20+ years experience in solution selling, B2B sales organization management and business development. Thomas has worked with sales strategy and sales management and has held various sales positions in the high tech industry in the US, consulting positions in international management consulting firms and a senior leadership role in a large financial services company.

Thomas has a BA in Industrial Engineering from the University of Odense, Denmark.

email: thomas@arpedio.com | phone: +45 51 49 06 94 | Linkedin Profile


Ulrik Monberg, Executive Board Member & Co-founder: Entrepreneur, Trusted Advisor and Management Consultant. Ulrik has 17+ years of experience in selling and delivering complex digital transformation projects to large international enterprises. He has held various positions in management consulting companies in Scandinavia and the Middle East and has over the last years co-founded a number of start-up companies within digital transformation.

Ulrik has a MSc in Planning and Management from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and a Strategic Board Education and Certification from Board Governance.

email: ulrik@arpedio.com | phone: +45 31 46 31 56 | Linkedin Profile


Jakob Soderberg, Executive Board Member & Co-founder: Business Development Consultant with 19+ years of experience within B2B sales, communication & marketing execution. Jakob has always been focused on helping companies increase sales and improve profitability and has held various positions in the high tech industry as well as management positions in export companies.

Jakob attended the Business School of Aarhus where he earned a BA in Marketing.

email: jakob@arpedio.com | phone: +1 650 422 8848 | Linkedin Profile


Christian Wimmelmann, VP Sales and Marketing: Sales Executive with 15+ years experience in sales, solution selling, B2B sales, B2C sales, organization management, customer experience management, strategy and business development. Christian has held various positions in major companies within primarily telco and finance, being responsible for sales and customer service on a senior leadership level

Christian holds a Master in economics and law from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Email: christian@arpedio.com | phone: +4521244041 | LinkedIn Profile





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Daniel Kallestrup, Business Development Manager. With his great personality, a passion for sales, and excellent analytical skills, Daniel leads our inside sales team and helps us secure our ambitious growth strategy. 

Daniel has a Master's degree in Finance & Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School.

email: daniel@arpedio.com | phone: +45 26 74 73 92 

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Kathrine K. Lauridsen, Business Development Manager. Kathrine takes care of our business development efforts. Her positive enthusiasm is highly contagious and helps us stay focused. 

Kathrine has a bachelor in Business economics and commercial law. 

email: kathrine@arpedio.com | Linkedin Profile


Lars Schmidt Steffensen, Business Development. Lars is part of the Customer Success Team working with customer onboarding and support. In addition he assists with describing and maintaining online processes and manuals. Besides working in ARPEDIO Lars freelance at the consultant company Strategos. Here he works with strategic execution and implementation.

Lars studies at the Copenhagen Business School and by 2016 he will receive a masters degree in Economics and Business Administration, Management of Innovation & Business Development with a minor in Process Management. 

email: lars@arpedio.com | phone: +45 31 34 89 08  Linkedin Profile







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