How Well Do You Know Your Biggest Customers?

by Jakob Soderberg | (May 31, 2018) | Intelligent Deal Management, Sales Management, Sales professionals | 0 Comments

Knowing your biggest customer is a constant effort in sales organizationsAnyone who ever tried completing a marathon or another physical challenge knows the feeling of focused training, the importance of hard disciplined work, the urge to "give up", exhaustion beyond what is good you, and above all the enormous sense of relief and invincibility (at least on a psychological level).

Pretty much the same feeling sales professionals experience when they win new business after a long and complex sales cycle, with numerous sales meetings on different levels. Handling of RFP's, presentations to different stakeholders within the customers organization etc. etc. Now is the time to relax, is the most obvious feeling - nothing could be more wrong! Now the real work begins. The work that secures customer satisfaction and thus retention.

Your biggest customer is your most important next deal

Numerous times have we experienced this behaviour among sales professionals after winning a great contract. ”Phew, that was one great contract we won there – now we can relax until next time they ask for an RFP.” Too many companies fail to put their biggest customers into the sales pipeline. They are already customers, so no need to put them in pipeline. It is a BIG mistake not to look at your biggest customer as your most important next deal.

Gain insight in the elements that secure customer retention

Recently we had a meeting with one of the biggest companies in the world within their industry. At the end of our 50 minutes long meeting, the CEO said:

”The ARPEDIO Report gives me a unique one-page overview and insight in vital business elements of my biggest customer relationship. Information that is impossible for me to extract from our very extensive CRM system with all of the advanced business intelligence modules available.”

20 to 30 minutes with the ARPEDIO Sales tool is all you need to find out whether your customer is in ”Red, Yellow or Green”. And that is not all. Depending on the color of the customer status, the ARPEDIO Sales Tool proposes a number of focus areas, that should be prioritized. Each of these are then broken down in pragmatic actions – ready to execute to secure retention.

Secure retention through intelligent sales management

Imagine crystal clear insight in the most important business elements of your relationship with your biggest customer. You know the exact amount of value to add and exactly how well a stakeholder base you control. Besides that you know exactly what elements to focus on to improve the relationship and secure retention and increase your chance of winning future business. Would that give you a fair platform for securing retention which is an absolute vital ingredient when it comes to growth?

By the way, what sale requires the most ressources? Selling to an already established business relation or complete new-bizz?


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Many sales organizations has experienced that in less than 30 minutes you will receive the same sense of ”aaahh” that so many other users of the ARPEDIO Sales tool has already experienced when working with us and Intelligent Deal Management.

Knowing your biggest customer is vital in sales

If you want to know more about how to apply Intelligent Deal Management principles to your sales organization this call-to-action brief might offer some inspiration.