Stakeholder Management with updated access to notes fields

by Paul Hansen | Feb 24, 2016 | release notes | 0 Comments

[Release notes] ARPEDIO Matrix version 1.30 | February 2016

You now can manage access to the Matrix notes fields. If there is no Note field under Stakeholder details in the Matrix template and the user does not have Read permission to the overall Matrix note, then the Notes screen is skipped when toggling between screens in the Matrix app. See this guide for how to manage the permission to Edit or Read the overall matrix notes field.


In addition, we have made these changes:

  • The download of a matrix to Excel now includes stakeholder titles and account names.
  • We have included the tab and app accessibility settings in the permission set, so you no longer have to assign tabs and the ARPEDIO app to the user profiles; this eliminates one step in the setting up ARPEDIO Matrix for users.
  • Fixed a bug in how matrix scores are calculated.