Tired of an Uncertain Sales Pipeline? - A Sales Managers Guide

by Jakob Soderberg | (Jul 19, 2018) | Sales Management, Pipeline Management

Here we go again. The strong sales pipeline you presented six months ago has now turned into a weak excuse for a forecast. Presenting an uncertain sales pipeline and a flimsy forecast to management is not what you planned two quarters ago. Everybody hates a tax audit. A pipeline audit with top management is not much better!

If it's important to you - you'll find a way

If not - you'll find an excuse

No More Excuses

The excuses are many: Financial crisis. Economic downturn. Contiunous struggles with some of your key accounts. Competition is stronger and more aggressive than ever. Our product needs refinement to meet the new demands....the list of excuses is long. 

How Well Do You Know Your Biggest Customers?

by Jakob Soderberg | (May 31, 2018) | Intelligent Deal Management, Sales Management, Sales professionals

Anyone who ever tried completing a marathon or another physical challenge knows the feeling of focused training, the importance of hard disciplined work, the urge to "give up", exhaustion beyond what is good you, and above all the enormous sense of relief and invincibility (at least on a psychological level).

Analyse Your Customer Pipeline Like Financial Reports

by Jakob Soderberg | (May 16, 2018) | Sales Management, Pipeline Management, sales pipeline management

How do you measure and assess the quality of your sales pipeline?

Your customer pipeline should be measured and assessed with the same amount of gravity as your financial reports. In order to comply with various legislation and governance, companies need to investigate and report on a number of areas of their business. Often with the help of external advisors (audit firms) and with the support from special internal departments (controlling).

Selling is not (only) about relationships

by Jakob Soderberg | (May 15, 2018) | Sales Management, Sales Best Practice, Key Account Management

Recently Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson of CEB wrote this article on Harvard Business Review describing the 5 archetypes of selling personalities. (Click right here to read the full article). The conclusion was that relationship builders are not the top performers among sales professionals.

Deliver Compelling Insight to Your Customers to Get Them Engaged

by ARPEDIO Solutions | (Apr 9, 2015) | Intelligent Deal Management, Sales Management, Intelligent Account Management, Sales professionals, Sales Best Practice

Don't make the journeyman's mistake when delivering insight to your customers

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Capture Top Performer DNA...

by Ulrik Monberg | (Apr 9, 2015) | Sales Management, Sales professionals

...and make it available to everyone

Every sales organization almost without exception can relate to the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of all sales are delivered by 20 percent of the sales force. Imagine what impact it would have on your numbers if you were able to identify the behaviour of the 20 percent AND then make sure that the rest started executing like the best.

Master These 5 Fundamentals to Transform Your Sales Team

by Ulrik Monberg | (Sep 23, 2014) | Sales Management, Sales Best Practice

"Every sales force is made up of the typical bell curve comprising A-players, B-players and C-players. Eighty percent of the revenue is generated by the A-players (who usually represent around 20% of the sales force). They seem to figure out how to be successful, regardless of the economy, competitors, aging product or any of the other numerous excuses cited on the Monday morning sales call...."

Your CRM System Is Most Likely Holding Your Sales Team Back

by Thomas Bulow for ARPEDIO Sales Academy | (Sep 17, 2014) | Sales Management, CRM

Companies have invested heavily in CRM the past 5 years. However the ROI from these investments is dissappointing and many CRM projects end up in the category "failure". A recent study conducted by Copenhagen Business School showed that:

The Science Behind Hiring Top Gun Salespeople

by ARPEDIO Solutions | (Jun 19, 2014) | Sales Management, Sales professionals

This is a guest post on the ARPEDIO Sales Academy by Dr. Christopher Croner and Richard Abraham

Stop Micro Managing Your Sales Team...

by Jakob Soderberg | (May 22, 2014) | Sales Management, Pipeline Management, Sales Motivation

...and start motivating people to improve sales performance.