Analyse Your Customer Pipeline Like Financial Reports

by Jakob Soderberg | (May 16, 2018) | Sales Management, Pipeline Management, sales pipeline management

How do you measure and assess the quality of your sales pipeline?

Your customer pipeline should be measured and assessed with the same amount of gravity as your financial reports. In order to comply with various legislation and governance, companies need to investigate and report on a number of areas of their business. Often with the help of external advisors (audit firms) and with the support from special internal departments (controlling).

The Secret to Motivate your Sales Resources (and other employees)

by Jakob Soderberg | (May 15, 2018) |

In Sales, finding, recruiting and retaining the right sales resources is a struggle! Every Sales Leader will acknowledge this as an undisputable fact. 

Companies spend vast amounts in this field - only to make the same mistake over and over again when it comes to employee satisfaction. 

Selling is not (only) about relationships

by Jakob Soderberg | (May 15, 2018) | Sales Management, Sales Best Practice, Key Account Management

Recently Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson of CEB wrote this article on Harvard Business Review describing the 5 archetypes of selling personalities. (Click right here to read the full article). The conclusion was that relationship builders are not the top performers among sales professionals.

Complex Sales Glossary - 50+ terms you should know!

by Jakob Soderberg | (Jun 21, 2016) |

Perhaps you are new in the Comples Sales game, or perhaps you are a seasoned wolf? In either case an introduction or repetition of general and often used expressions can be helpful: 


"Always Be Closing." An antiquated sales strategy that basically says everything a sales rep does throughout the sales process is in pursuit toward the singular goal of closing a deal. The implication is that, if a sales rep doesn't close the deal, then everything they did regarding that opportunity was a failure. 

The C-Suite should be your most receptive audience

by Adrian Davis on Blog | (Jun 8, 2016) |

Most traditional sales methodologies have some element of “selling to power”, and that’s often associated with the C-Suite. But these C-Level executives, according to the experiences of many sales people, are notoriously hard to reach (and, by the way, unlikely to ever talk to you again if you do manage to get through and then treat them to the joys of your boring old product pitch).

The Challenge with Challenger Selling

by Bob Apollo | (Jun 2, 2016) |

The Challenge with Challenger Selling

“The Challenger Sale” by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson has been one of the most talked-about sales books of the past decade - and has been described by no less an authority than SPIN-Selling author Neil Rackham as “the most important advance in selling for many years”.

Inaccurate sales forecasting = inconsistent qualification

by Bob Apollo | (May 27, 2016) |

Accurate sales forecasting is a particular challenge in high-value complex sales environments with lengthy sales cycles. Given that we are trying to anticipate the collective decision of a group of decision makers, it’s safe to conclude that perfection is an impossible goal.

Why Technology Keeps Failing You!

by Adrian Davis on Blog | (May 25, 2016) |

Ok. Has this ever happened to you?

Forecast Management in ARPEDIO

by ARPEDIO Solutions | (May 20, 2016) |

Most sales forecast management processes involve shuffling off-line spreadsheet around coupled with tedious forecast calls. 

For Sales Managers, getting accurate forecast status information and trying to find out whether or not to forecast a piece of business, is often a very inefficient process and it's frustrating for everyone involved.

Stop Wasting Your Money on Sales Training

by Thomas Bulow | (May 19, 2016) | sales training

Stop Thinking That The Latest Sales Methodology Out There Will Help You Sell More

I hear it all the time when working with customers who are trying to improve their selling game: The VP of Sales or the CEO read a sales best-seller written by a fancy research company or one of the self-prescribed gurus from a large sales consulting company. Getting everyone on the sales team to adopt the methodology becomes a big priority and the hunt for an authorized sales training firm that can help train the sales organization is on.