How To Focus On What is Essential In Complex Selling

by Jakob Soderberg | (May 16, 2018) | 0 Comments

An article by Greg McKeown of describes why Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are so succesfulnever_lower_the_guard

Their answer to the question: What is the most important reason to your success? Focus! 

Same metric applies when it comes to complex selling. But how do you figure out what exactly to focus on? 

It's no secret that when it comes to complex selling and managing sales opportunities there are, what seems like a million things to focus on. Determining which of all the moving parts to focus on is a daunting task.

That is why we created ARPEDIO...

Being a sales professional in the 21st century and working with complex sales cycles is no easy task. Buyers are more professional, you need to develop stellar conversational skills, you need to be able to challenge your customers intelligently, position your solutions and the associated value proposition etc. etc.

The ARPEDIO methodology is based on 4 easy repetitive steps: Assess, Reflect, Plan and Execute. No matter where you are in the sales cycle you need to stop up frequently and allow yourself to get a holistic view of the sales opportunity.

Don't fall into the Sales Process Trap

Don't get fooled by what we call the sales process trap. Selling is not a fixed process where, once you have placed the check marks in certain boxes, you can stop to focus there. Start looking at your sales opportunity holistically. Is your sponsor still the same person? Is your coach still your coach? Has the customers compelling event changed? Is your solution still well positioned? The answers to these questions are never conclusive. 


Step 1: Assess

Where are you with your sales opportunity? What is the current status or "temperature" with this deal? Have you identified important stakeholders? Do you know who will sign the contract? Do you understand the customers key challenges? Is the right engagement process in place? Is the value proposition strong? And so on. If you have ARPEDIO, you will be guided through this step in a coaching fashion.

Step 2: Reflect

It is always a good thing to stop up and reflect. How did you end up where you ended up? Do you need to meet with other stakeholders? Do you need to engage other resources from your company? ARPEDIO provides ample space for you to take reflection notes. 

Step 3: Plan

Based on your assessment you need to plan milestones and actions. What do you need to do to be successful? Make a plan and prioritize. With access to ARPEDIO you will be assisted in making a plan that includes the most important things to focus on for your sales opportunity. ARPEDIO will prompt you to select actions from a sales best practice list compiled based on the behaviour of sales top performers.

Step 4: Execute 

Having created and drafted your plan - you must now execute. Achieving your goals is much easier when you have created a series of task to execute on your way towards that goal. And motivation increases dramatically when you discover how your success rate improves and your score for different sales opportunity elements starts moving in the right direction. 

Key Take Away

To stay focused you need to embrace a methodology that helps you prioritize the most important issues at hand, and you need a lot of discipline. Start by using the Assess, Reflect, Plan and Execute methodology. You can also utilize the ARPEDIO Sales tool for business professionals. The tool will help you with the assessment and the identification and prioritization of focus areas and actions, thus supporting you in doing what some of the most successful people on this planet have done: Focus! 

If you want to try ARPEDIO you can sign up for a free trial right here - or you can have one of our consultants walk you through ARPEDIO Sales in a live demo. We bet it will help your ability to stay focused.

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