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Thomas Bulow is a co-founder of ARPEDIO Solutions and is dedicated to developing software solutions and tools that empower business professionals. ARPEDIO Sales is a sales enablement and customer relationship platform that sales teams use to manage leads and prospect, secure customer relationships and win more sales opportunities.
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Keep sales enablement projects simple and sell more

by Thomas Bulow | (Jul 19, 2018) |

Presently, the concept of Sales Enablement gets a lot of attention from the sales community. Especially from sales leaders who are struggling to meet their numbers. They initiate sales enablement projects, hoping that a group of external consultants with broad expertise in sales management can get their sales organization back on track. Months and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, the consultants leave. After another couple of months, sales leadership realizes that the adoption of the new initiatives is everything, but a success.

Stop Wasting Your Money on Sales Training

by Thomas Bulow | (May 19, 2016) | sales training

Stop Thinking That The Latest Sales Methodology Out There Will Help You Sell More

I hear it all the time when working with customers who are trying to improve their selling game: The VP of Sales or the CEO read a sales best-seller written by a fancy research company or one of the self-prescribed gurus from a large sales consulting company. Getting everyone on the sales team to adopt the methodology becomes a big priority and the hunt for an authorized sales training firm that can help train the sales organization is on.

B2B Selling is Like Spinning Plates on Sticks

by Thomas Bulow | (Dec 9, 2015) |

Artists that spin plates for a living, have to monitor and revisit all plates constantly to keep them from falling down. If you are selling complex B2B deals you might want to start thinking of yourself as a plate-spinning artist. In sales, you also have to revisit all the moving parts constantly to keep your deal alive and to get applauded when it crosses the goal line. Broken plates will not get you a bonus.

It's a Full Moon. Start Selling!

by Thomas Bulow | (Aug 31, 2015) |


Predictive Analytics: A Man vs. Machine Battle

Lately, the world of selling has seen a wave of solutions offering "predictive analytics". I work with sales organizations and in this space, sales enablement vendors pitch, how their predictive analytics engines can crunch sales related data and help sales management close deals faster. One predictive analytics vendor claims that there is a correlation between a full moon and the likelihood of someone being willing to take a sales call.

Tired of Losing B2B Customers?

by Thomas Bulow | (Aug 20, 2015) |

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” 
Jack Welch

Have You Been Thunderstruck? Rock Sells...Selling Rocks!

by Thomas Bulow | (Aug 15, 2014) | Selling

What the AC/DC Hit 'Thunderstruck' can teach you about selling

I admit it, it's Friday and for the first time in a very long time, I am working out of the home office. My teenage son crancked up the volume on his stereo and I immediately noticed that it was one of my all time favorites he had put on. I went into his room with a big smile and listened in. I realized that I probably spend too much time thinking about selling, because in the back of my head, the song got me thinking about the perfect sales process.