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Forecast Management in ARPEDIO

by ARPEDIO Solutions | (May 20, 2016) |

Most sales forecast management processes involve shuffling off-line spreadsheet around coupled with tedious forecast calls. 

For Sales Managers, getting accurate forecast status information and trying to find out whether or not to forecast a piece of business, is often a very inefficient process and it's frustrating for everyone involved.

BtB - Be The Boss & Stay On Top of Your Sales Process All The Way To The End

by ARPEDIO Solutions | (Jun 8, 2015) |

In every sales process, we as sales people often come to a point where we think the decision is now out of our control. We think the decision to buy or not is now controlled by others, and that we have done everything we could. All we can do is to hope for the best.

Deliver Compelling Insight to Your Customers to Get Them Engaged

by ARPEDIO Solutions | (Apr 9, 2015) | Intelligent Deal Management, Sales Management, Intelligent Account Management, Sales professionals, Sales Best Practice

Don't make the journeyman's mistake when delivering insight to your customers

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License to Kill: 5 Things Sales People Can Learn From the FBI

by ARPEDIO Solutions | (Aug 22, 2014) |

In a recent blogpost on Business Insider Robin Dreek explains how FBI uses simple techniques to gain peoples trust. I'd like to put a Selling Perspective on this - not to suggest that selling and solving crimes has anything to do with each other, but selling is very much a matter of gaining peoples trust. If you are a sales professional, investigating your customers with the same vigour as an FBI agent investigating a crime will get you ahead of your competition. Here are the five simple techniques: 

  1. Learn…about stakeholder priorities, goals, and objectives.
  2. Placetheirs ahead of yours.
  3. Listen…suspend your own desire to talk.
  4. Seek...stakeholders' thoughts and opinions.
  5. Ego suspension!!! Validate individuals unconditionally and non-judgmentally for who they are as human beings. 

The Science Behind Hiring Top Gun Salespeople

by ARPEDIO Solutions | (Jun 19, 2014) | Sales Management, Sales professionals

This is a guest post on the ARPEDIO Sales Academy by Dr. Christopher Croner and Richard Abraham