Increase Win Rates by 23%

ARPEDIO Matrix helps you identify the entire buying group. Know precisely where you stand, what actions you have to execute to secure your key accounts and how to eliminate last-minute surprises when it's time to close.

Matrix offers a unique 360° overview of the Stakeholder landscape of any given account or sales opportunity.  


Simple and Effective Stakeholder Mgmt. 



Pick and add contacts to the stakeholder map from the contact list inside or add new stakeholders from the ARPEDIO screen.


Quickly identify potential red flags and problem stakeholders.


Sales managers across many sales teams can read deals consistently by following a joint common approach.

Identify the "Red Flags" Quickly and Act!




List and Analyze Stakeholders

Pick and add contacts directly from your contacts list in The coloring quickly helps you identify where to focus.


Actionable Intelligence

Quickly identify potential red flags and problem stakeholders. This intelligence creates a need to take action. 


Your Terms - Your Language

ARPEDIO allows you to use the terms and descriptions you already use. We are not forcing you to adapt a 30-year old methodology and renaming all of your existing processes.





The ARPEDIO Stakeholder Map helps our sales professionals explore and manage stakeholder relationships that are proven to have the biggest impact on the timing and size of our deals. 

The Solution was uber simple to configure and implement allowing us to positively impact the same quarter's pipeline and deal execution. 

Christian Hjorth

VP Sales, Tradeshift