Our partners share our passion for sales excellence and empowerment of business professionals. 

- Thomas Bülow, Co-founder



Delivering Value is ARPEDIO Platinum Certified partner


Delivering Value is a consulting company that focuses on accelerating growth for companies of all sizes by bringing innovative ideas and best practices to sales and marketing. President & CEO Don Lazzari has spent the last 25 years in sales and marketing roles for a variety of high-tech companies in healthcare, supply chain, and manufacturing.

Don attended the University of Pittsburgh where he earned a BA in Writing and an MBA from the Katz School of Business.

For more information about Delivering Value:


 e-mail: dlazzari@deliveringvalue.com  | phone: +1 (412) 973-8909 | Linkedin Profile

Whetstone is ARPEDIO Platinum Certified partner


Whetstone Inc. is a company with a clear purpose: To help chief executives and sales leaders create profitable growth through strategic client relationships. The Core values of Whetstone fits very well with the ARPEDIO approach: 

  • Seek knowledge: The world is constantly changing and there is always a better way. We stay fresh.
  • Have a sense of humour: People who can laugh at themselves tend to be humble and open-minded.
  • Aspire to make a difference: We want to work with people who want to make an impact.
  • Reliability and responsiveness: We don’t let people down. Period.
  • People first: We are in business to help people. We care about our customers and our employees.

They articulate a code of behaviour and a set of beliefs about how we work, and what you can expect when dealing with us.

For more information about Whetstone contact Adrian Davis, President & CEO of Whetstone Inc.


e-mail: adavis@whetstoneinc.ca  | phone: +1 (647) 977-9047 | Linkedin Profile


Inflexion Point delivers a systematic approach to three issues: Top of funnel challenges, bottom of funnel challenges and Sales performance challenges. 

Inflexion Point help clients to identify and focus on critical pain points that key stakeholders in their ideal prospect organisations must address, and to craft compelling messages that cause them to engage. 

They work with clients to implement scalable systems that enable them to define and manage their sales process, empower their sales people, ruthlessly qualify every opportunity and rigorously analyse their sales performance.


e-mail: bob@inflexion-point.com  | phone:+44 118 328 7006 | Linkedin Profile


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